Wedding Sand and its Significance 


This type of sand is also known as the Unity Sand Ceremony, which is made up of flowing powders with mixing colors. The unity sand signifies the bringing together of two lives into one. For years, the unity ceremony has been around and carried out in numerous customs. The sand is used as a way in which couples show the connection from two lives into a soul bond.

It is a distinctive symbol of a promise. During the wedding ceremony, the sand is emptied into a unity pot which can’t be blown away by the wind if the wedding is outdoors. The ceremony doesn’t take up too much time. The timing can’t be estimated close to three minutes. The couple typically decants several colors of sand at from clear containers into one vase signifying their union.

During a wedding ceremony, couples tend to get inventive with their sand varieties. The most common debris collection is made established on the scene or color. When the couple brings forward their sand of choice, then pour them into one vase which is notably called unity vase.

The ceremony was initiated with the Native Americans, and it’s also linked to the Hawaiians in some way. The sources from both give a sense of romance and also spiritual. It Is just claims, but regardless of what it is said, the practice of Sandsational Sparkle unity sand ceremony has become a national movement.

Even as this method is carried out some couples choose to leave out a small amount of sand in their vessels. It is to express that even though they function as one, they remain individuals. It is said the blending of the sand represents a union not only to the newlywed but also to their families and friends.

For the newlyweds that children, their marriage is more than two hearts being intertwined into one.  It will be a representation of a new family created. For the children, they can be involved in the blending of the unity sand ceremony. By having this, you will be acknowledging the role the kids play in your lives. For more info about weddings, visit

The ceremony is usually conducted after the vows and exchange of rings. Whereby the priest will go ahead and ask the bride and groom to pour their sand into one vase symbolizing their lives being connected to a single stream. Other people may opt for other ways to join their lives together, but the wedding sand remains to be the best practice for many.


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