What is a Wedding Sand Ceremony?


The day you will marry your significant other is definitely one if not the most memorable and important day of your life. This is when you start and open a new chapter. A Chapter filled with lessons, trials, care, and love.

There are plenty of amazing union ceremonies during a wedding celebration. When you decide to incorporate these traditions to your special day, it makes the entire event more special and memorable. One of the most popular practices observed during this special occasion is a wedding sand ceremony.

A wedding sand ceremony at sandsationalsparkle.com is very distinct and unique if you compare it to other unity practices. Incorporating this practice into your big day allows you and your partner to personalize your unity candle ceremony. This is perfect for a beach wedding but works just as fine for traditional weddings.

As the name of this ceremony implies, sand at sandsationalsparkle.com is used to symbolize the love and bond of the bride and groom. Both of them get to choose the color that represents their love for each other. After they select a color, they will place the colored sands inside two separate vials. During their big day after they exchange rings, the couple will then pour both their colored sands into a transparent vase. This will serve as a symbol of their undying love for each other. The mixed colors of the sand will also represent their union.

One advantage of incorporating a wedding sand ceremony into your special day is the fact that both your families will be more involved. To represent the blessing each one of your will receive from your families, parents of the bride and groom are usually encouraged to participate in this ceremony by choosing another unique sand color.  Aside from the beautiful ceremony you will have, you also get to keep a vase that will always remind you of your wedding day. It will remind you and your partner that you love each other and that your families are happy that you are together. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_planner to know more about weddings.

If you are about to marry the love of your life, incorporating a wedding sand ceremony into your special day is something that you must consider. When doing so, it is very important that you plan ahead of time. Start shopping for a good transparent vase and sand vials. If you would like to unleash your creative side, you can even decorate the vase and vials yourself. Share this idea with your partner and both your families. This will surely make your wedding day extra special and memorable.


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